Anne Ward for Congress


Arizonan by birth and at heart. She and her husband Robert, are raising their two children in Prescott, AZ. A native of Prescott Valley, Anne Marie spent her childhood riding horses, hiking, shooting, and exploring the mountains and deserts of Arizona. Anne Marie comes from a long line of patriots. Her family fought in the Revolutionary War, her grandfather built air bases during World War II, her father was a paratrooper during the Vietnam War, and now it’s her time to serve.

Anne Marie’s mom, a 32-year public school teacher, encouraged her to not only work hard in school, but to make a difference with her career. Anne Marie has a bachelor’s in political science, a master’s in education and a doctorate in leadership. After working in several industries while completing her schooling, she opened her own small business - a consulting firm that helped small businesses and companies grow their leadership and plan for the future.

Despite her love for helping businesses succeed, she closed her company when she was approached to work for the United States Senate. That job opened her eyes to the disparity between “We the People” and the back-door dealing, career politicians. As she watched the news and listened to her peers, she was stunned with the rise of the socialist movement.

Anne Marie saw the need for new and fresh leadership. Young leaders must step up to carry on the legacy of our founders and the greatest generation. They must unite the youth around the conservative values that are at the core of our nation. She decided to answer the call.

It’s time to give our communities a voice again. We need a leader focused on bettering the lives of the people by listening to, and understanding, the unique needs of the people. We need someone who defends our farming, ranching and mining industries, someone who will join President Trump in putting America and Arizonans first through strong trade deals and greater job opportunities that help our economy thrive. Anne Marie will work to ensure our forest health and water security--critical resources that impact the lives of all Arizonans. And she’ll be the voice we need in Washington, D.C. to secure our border.

Arizona, particularly rural Arizona, is filled with diverse ideas and people from all industries, and Anne Marie understands the importance of looking at every issue. As a former teacher, Anne Marie knows education. She knows that education, from pre-k to four-year degrees to career and technical education, is the key to a thriving Arizona. Anne Marie sees the growing knowledge and skills gap between leaving school and entering the job market. Shebelieves we need a big picture approach to how we equip students with the skills to be successful.

Anne Marie’s focus on the future includes the vital need for dropping the national deficit while keeping our promise to our seniors by preserving Social Security and Medicare. She believes in  addressing rising mental and behavioral health issues, targeting the opioid crisis that is disproportionately impacting our rural and low-income communities, the need for a competitive marketplace to ensure quality and affordable healthcare, and in protecting those with pre-existing conditions.

Above all, Anne Marie will follow her family’s legacy of fighting for our rights and freedoms. Our time is now. Through new leadership, we have the opportunity to rally the next generation of conservatives to carry on our great American legacy

Anne Ward for Congress